Volunteer Bakers

We are looking for volunteer bakers to support our trainee programme and bread production. This is a fun and engaging opportunity for someone who is passionate about bread and supporting good mental health in the local community.

The commitment is just one day a week, 10am-5pm, for a minimum of 12 weeks. If you’re interested in the role you can find the role description here.

If you are interested, you can fill in an application form ONLINE.

“Due to the nature of baking, the effects of the placement are quite tangible, [you] can actually see the improvement in people and skills. I felt able to teach other volunteers and trainees and pass on the skills I have learnt here.”

“Working in an office is not as fun as a small bakery!”

“I found the bakery balanced being a sociable and professional workplace very well. It has made me realise how supportive and enjoyable it can be to work!”

“I think it made me realize even more how you should involve yourself in community project[s] and how working with people with mental health is challenging and so enriching”