Our Menu

We specialise in sourdough bread as the long fermentation method allows us to develop the best flavours and integrate our trainees into the process of bread production.

A part of Hackney’s oldest independent mental health charity, we have never wavered from our commitment to support individuals recovering from mental ill-health. No bells and whistles here, just honest, friendly, fun human beings dedicated to creating a supportive environment whilst delivering products and services to our valued customers.

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Our signature loaf is fermented slowly delivering a classic, open textured, full flavoured white bread with a heavy crust and a creamy, mildly sour flavour. The 1kg tinned version is for those who prefer convenience over crust. Perfect for sandwiches.
Handmade with a blend of wholegrain, white and rye flours, our wholemeal is rich, flavoursome, and nourishing.
Our wholemeal five-seed loaf contains organic pumpkin, linseed, sunflower, poppy and sesame seeds. Both nutritious and hearty.
100% RYEOur 100% rye loaf has added sweetness from molasses and the classic flavour pairing of caraway seeds.
VOLLKORNMade with 100% rye, this wheat-free German-style loaf is packed with organic seeds. It is moist, dense and delicious.
Beygl, beigel, bagel… ours are chewy, soft and delicious with a mildly sour taste. Sesame, poppy seed or plain.


DARK CHOCOLATE & SEA SALT COOKIE   A buttery chocolate chip cookie made with 70% dark chocolate and finished with a touch of sea salt.
(Allergens: wheat, eggs, milk)
ANZAC (VEGAN)   A classic oaty biscuit – chewy, golden and more-ish.
(Allergens: wheat, oats)

A fiery, warming and chewy biscuit. Perfect with a cup of tea.
(Allergens: wheat, eggs, milk)
BACI DI DAMA   Little, crumbly Italian biscuits made with ground hazelnuts and almonds, sandwiched together with a layer of 70% dark chocolate.
(Allergens: wheat, milk, nuts)  
SEASONAL FRUIT & CUSTARD BRIOCHE   Light and buttery brioche with seasonal fruit, custard, flaked almonds and a cinnamon glaze.
(Allergens: wheat, eggs, milk, nuts)
SAVOURY BRIOCHE A delicious savoury bun topped with Cheddar cheese, black olives, sundried tomatoes, kale pesto & Herbs de Provence.
(Allergens: wheat, eggs, milk, cheese)
CHOCOLATE & WALNUT BROWNIEA luxuriously rich, dense chocolate brownie with toasted walnuts. One for chocolate lovers.
(Allergens: wheat, eggs, milk, nuts)
CARROT CAKE WITH CREAM CHEESE ICINGCarrot cake spiced with cinnamon and cloves, made with desiccated coconut and tea-soaked raisins. Topped with cream cheese icing.
(Allergens: wheat, eggs, milk)
LEMON & POPPY SEED LOAF CAKE (VEGAN)Tart, sweet and zesty.
(Allergens: wheat)
TAHINI & HONEY BUNOur new and improved iconic bun! Light and buttery brioche with tahini & honey, toasted sesame seeds and a honey glaze.
(Allergens: wheat, eggs, milk, sesame)


Available in two sizes: small and large.
Sample: Chickpea falafels (x3), Seasonal salads (x2), ‘Zero waste’ Sourdough crackers & dip.
(Allergens: sulphates, sesame, cereals)  


SOURDOUGH PIZZAEvery Friday we swap out our seasonal salads and sandwiches to make room for Pizza! Verging towards the rectangular, inch thick Sicilian style, toppings vary from week to week.
Sample: Garlic mushroom.
(Allergens: gluten (base). Toppings will vary week to week, please ask)


FILLED BEIGELSChewy and soft and filled to the brim with cream cheese and house-made pickles.