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Country Sourdough

Our most popular loaf the Country Sourdough is a traditional pain de campagne style bread made from organic white and wholemeal flours and our own sourdough levain.  Available in three sizes: 400g, 700g and 1000g , a 350g flute and 200g mini *Contains Gluten


Country Rye Sourdough

Similar to the Country Sourdough, the Country Rye is made with organic white flour and 30% organic wholegrain rye flour for a slightly darker and sweeter loaf. Available in four sizes: 400g, 700g, 1000g and a 350g flute *Contains Gluten


100% Rye

As the name implies this is a wheat-free loaf made from organic rye flour and an all rye sourdough levain for a dense and moist loaf with a tight crumb. *Contains Gluten

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 A tinned wheat-free loaf, the volkorn is made with 100% organic rye flour, rye levain and chopped rye with sunflower and linseeds. Available in a 1400g loaf. *Contains Gluten


Five Seeded Loaf  

A lovely loaf made from a blend of organic white and wholemeal flours, the five seeds contains pumpkin, poppy, sunflower, sesame and linseeds.
Available in 400g and 800g loaves. *Contains Gluten, Sesame


Walnut Loaf

Oven toasted walnuts star in this loaf of organic white and wholemeal flours.
Available in 400g and 700g sizes. 
*Contains Gluten, Nuts

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Olive and Herb Loaf

This gorgeous loaf features Black Olives and Herbs de Provence for a satisfying savoury treat. Available in 400g and 700g sizes. *Contains Gluten